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SC8 Gives Back: It’s ACL Awareness Week



SportsChannel8 is proud to be North Carolina’s leading sports network, but we’re even more proud to be North Carolina’s leader in giving back to our wonderful community. Members of our staff are involved with such great events like the Me Fine Gala scheduled for this Saturday night, September 26th at the City Club of Raleigh, and serve as leaders and advocates of charitable organizations across the great state of North Carolina.

This week is a special week, however, as our network turns our attention to ACL Awareness Week, an annual event coinciding with the first meeting of a North Carolina school with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. No reason, it just typically works out that way on the schedule. Promise.

Though just a small, often ignored ligament, the ACL provides 90% of the knee’s stability.  Americans suffer over 200,000 ACL tears annually with 70% of those injuries sustained while playing sports, according to a recent study performed by the University of California, San Francisco. While 70% of those injuries occur from non-contact situations like the one seen in Saturday’s Notre Dame game against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, the other 30% can be prevented as they are the result of contact, like you might typically see in a game against the , well …, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

Join SportsChannel8 in taking a healthy, stable stand against the senseless spread of ACL injuries this week by wearing a blue and gold ribbon on your shirt. It’s time to stop living in fear, America. Together, we can make that happen.

Be on the lookout for our ACL Awareness information table outside of Wallace Wade on Saturday before the Duke/Georgia Tech game to find out how you can protect America’s ACLs.