SC8 Recap: Duke claims ACC Title

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Who Won: Duke defeats Notre Dame, 75-69

Why: Duke yet again battled back from a second half deficit, this time 8 points. The biggest shot was from Matt Jones to give Duke a 4 point lead late. Wait what? Yes Matt Jones. 

GIF: Duke fans after the last 4 days. 


What will people be talking about? Should Duke get a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament?

What should people be talking about? Duke has a core trio of Jefferson/Kennard/Tatum along with Allen that can carry them deep in March. 

What’s next for these teams? Duke awaits their seed for the NCAA Tournament. They are likely to open in Greenville, SC. Notre Dame awaits their seed which is likely going to be in the 4-5 range. 


“8 is wild”: We had a great time the last 6 days in Brooklyn. Last night was the last night of media hospitality the ACC hosted and of course the SportsChannel8 gang owned it.