Duke rips through Trojans: SC8 Recap

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Who Won: Duke 87, Troy 65

Why: Key stat … Duke: 1 Jayson Tatum, Troy: 0 Jayson Tatums


What will people be talking about?

OMG K vs. Wojo maybe?

What should people be talking about?

Jayson Tatum is the 2nd Duke freshman ever to have a double double in his first NCAA Tournament game, with the 1st being Danny Ferry. The growth that Tatum has gone through over the past month of the season is making Duke fans feel silly about criticizing him early in the year, and out of all of the one-and-dones who have come through K’s program, he may end up being the most talented (excluding Kyrie). The Blue Devils will no doubt be compared to the 2015 team, but this group really reminds us of the Syracuse title team when Melo led the Orange to a championship.

What’s next for these teams?

Duke will play the winner of Marquette and South Carolina on Sunday.


“Luke Kennard setting up his best friend, Grayson Allen” – Chris Webber with zero supporting evidence that Kennard and Allen are best friends

“8 is wild”