SC8 Recap: Miami defeats Syracuse 62-57

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Who Won: Miami defeated Syracuse, 62-57

Why: When Syracuse briefly took the lead 41-40, an 8-0 Hurricanes run propelled Miami back into the lead and they never looked back.

GIF: Jim Boeheim and The Orange just can’t even with this result


What will people be talking about? Is Syracuse firmly in the NCAA tournament or will they be sweating for the remainder of the week until Selection Sunday?

What should people be talking about? Will Miami be able to replicate the same effort they had when they thoroughly dominated UNC back in January, in their quarterfinal game on Thursday. 

What’s next for these teams? Miami moves on to face #1 seed UNC in the first quarterfinal on Thursday at 12PM. Syracuse awaits their postseason fate. 

Quote: “No university is like Syracuse. You either went to Syracuse or you didn’t.”- Syracuse great John Wallace. Also “You either went to Syracuse or you have won ACC Tournament games”.

“8 is wild”: The scalping market could take a huge nose dive with “New York’s Team” out of the tournament early.