SC8 Recap: Virginia avoids blowing a lead at least

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Who Won: Florida beat UVA 65-39

Why: UVA scored less than 1 point per minute.



What will people be talking about? UVA scoring 39 freaking points.

What should people be talking about? UVA scoring 39 freaking points in a game that is 40 minutes. But seriously, this was a bad game at a bad time for a team that wasn’t going to have a shot to win the championship. Much different than a season ago, and the Hoos should feel like they overachieved a bit this year. But dear God, please score more points. Please.

What’s next for these teams? Florida moves on to the Sweet 16. Virginia moves into a new era without London Perrantes who was a four year starter who took over for a multi-year starter (Jontel Evans). The Hoos have some nice pieces returning next year with Guy and Shayok, and potentially Austin Nichols, but man, it feels like a changing of the guard.

Quote: “UVA scored 39 freaking points in a game”- Everybody

“8 is wild”: