SC8 Recap: Wake Forest vs Boston College

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SC8 Recap: Wake Forest vs Boston College

Who Won: Wake Forest defeated Boston College by a score of 92-78.

Why: Wake has more better players than Boston College. The Deacs weren’t overly impressive tonight but ultimately did enough to get the win. Wake Forest will need to be more crisp should they want to make it a deep run this week.


Wake fans after today knowing they could NOT afford to lose this game.



What will people be talking about? Wake Forest likely securing their first NCAA Tournament bid since 2010.

What should people be talking about? John Collins was a little “quiet” for a good majority of the game (if going 19 and 12 can be quiet), but Wake Forest leaned on a trio of other guys (Austin Arians, Bryant Crawford and Keyshawn Woods) and their 54 combined points to pull out the victory. Wake Forest will need contribution from Collins and others to beat some of the better teams in the ACC.

What’s next for these teams? Wake Forest will move on to play Virginia Tech at 7PM on Wednesday night. The Demon Deacons likely solidified an NCAA tournament berth in the process. Boston College can quit acting like they care basketball and focus solely on the remainder of their hockey season.

Quote: “Best Legs in the ACC” – random fan screams out while John Collins attempts a free throw. Not sure if meant to be a heckle. Having the best legs is probably a cool moniker to be known by.

“8 is wild”: While others have been a little vocal about the tournament not being in NC,

the Wake Forest band is enjoying their time here as they serenaded us with “New York, New York” during one of the stoppages in the game.