SportsChannel8: The Radio Show, 7/28

The SC8 Podcast

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the rundown….

1:00 – Hayes is back from his indefinite (one show) suspension, and he’s here to get his show back. Also, he knows what he did.

5:30 – The Week in Review: ACC football preseason predictions, Chuck Kaiton, Max’s debit card picture, and more.

26:16 – Rightly Rated – Bojangles, Chick-Fil-A, Facebook, Justin Beiber (plus Hayes got a shout-out on ESPN)

40:00 – Mark Wood brings his Dad jokes (which got cut short for time. Happens sometimes.)

44:41 – The SportsChannel8 ticker gets even more local, the NC concert report, plus the Weather Report gets hijacked by Josh and moved to Lenoir County

58:05 – The Free Hand of Adam Smith joins to talk Wake football, Wake fans, Larry Fedora, and racing in Alamance County

1:15:20 – Pat Price joins to talk Sir Walter Miler and NC’s greatest running moments.