SportsChannel8: The Radio Show, 8/11

The SC8 Podcast

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here’s this week’s rundown…..

00:45 – We’re checking the Wake County arrest report the day after Phish in Raleigh

4:12 – The Week in Review

5:20 – Swain’s kid has a teacher who went to Virginia. This could end poorly.

5:56 – nothing was more interesting in the Panthers preseason game than the Kelvin Benjamin-Cam Newton fight

8:55 – UNC players suspended for selling shoes–is UNC now looking out for other schools or snitching?

15:10 – he has a back tattoo, a podcast and a twitter account…is Rick Pitino a millennial?

20:50 – Not only do we embrace “Raise Up” as the new Canes Goal Score Song, we want FreekALeek to be used for the player introductions.

24:25 – We go full Petey Pablo, which resulted in this.

26:31 – Rightly Rated: Space, Amazon (the company and the rainforest), Chick-Fil-A, PGA Championship

35:10 – Bitter State Fan calls in to talk about UNC players selling shoes

40:23 – Condascending UNC Fan also chimes in on the topic

45:58 – The NC Concert Report with Josh Goodson

56:10 – The JoCo Weather Report with the Weather Moose

1:04:16 – TV is stealing from video games in their golf coverage. We want real life Tiger vision.

1:16:21 – Brian breaks down the Hornets schedule