SportsChannel8: The Radio Show from 6/16, “Yeah, Buddy”

The SC8 Podcast

Who needs basketball and football when we’ve got World Cup soccer and Big Rock Fishing?

SportsChannel8: The Radio Show brought you the best in North Carolina sports, all in two hours. You can listen every Saturday morning form 10am to noon on 99.9 The Fan or

Here’s what we talked about:

01:10 – where Webb Simpson is from depends on how well he’s playing

2:10 – Josh Goodson thinks he could be in contention at the U.S. Open

3:30 – your opinion on how well Russia will do in the World Cup depends on how good you think they are at rigging stuff

6:12 – VAR sounds a lot cooler than “instant replay” so we need a new name for instant replay

10:40 – we think we’ve already figure out a way to exploit new NCAA transfer and redshirt rules

14:45 – can Marvin Bagley III make Puma’s basketball line cool?

17:20 – Testing Our Maturity…where we attempt to talk about this story on the radio

22:06 – Overrated/underrated: alternate jerseys, diss tracks and Father’s Day

26:15 – is Lauryn Hills’ Lost Ones a diss track?

31:08 – That Man John McCann on whether the Golden State Warriors are lovable or hateable

37:33 – after watching “The Staircase” on Netflix, we need a documentary on the death of Michael Jordan’s father

42:20 – Josh Goodson gives the NC Concert Outlook

46:54 – Hayes tries to mash up “Just a Friend” and “You Never Even Called Me By My Name”. It ends poorly.

52:05 – Josh gets FIRED UP to give the Big Rock update

52:35 – shout-out to ITB Insider’s boat of choice Honey Hush 

53:05 – “he’s a big NC State donor, his family actually endowed” “Dennis Smith!”

54:05 – we listen into the Big Rock fishing tournament LIVE (Josh translates)

56:25 – The JoCo Weather Report with the Weather Moose

57:27 – Weather Moose’s Heat Lightning Awareness Month stats and tips

1:04:05 – we discuss Brett McMurphy of Facebook’s report re: new bowl games

1:07:00 – what will be the name for the Myrtle Beach bowl game?

1:09:45 – “it’s the Myrtle Beach bowl, so you could have a 4-8 record but your fake ID says you’re 7-5”

1:10:27 – what comes in the Myrtle Beach bowl gift bag? What does the trophy look like?

1:16:00 – Ben Swain provides Choose Your Own Adventure like outcomes for LeBron James landing spots

1:21:50 – forget “where will LeBron go”…we want to know where will we LEARN “where LeBron will go”

1:25:00 – did we play a hand in Kroger shutting down?