SportsChannel8: The Radio Show from 7/14; The Battle of the Podcasts

Cheaters Never Win, Hornets Hub, The SC8 Podcast

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This week we had some special guests in studio with us, as we had Buzz Beat Radio, Cheaters Never Win and Raleigh City Sports join us in studio for a Battle of the Podcasts (the podcasts join at around the 18:30 mark).

The rundown:

0:28 – we open the show debating which Virginia university Justin Verlander went to

2:51 – The Week in Review

3:10 – Should the NCAA bring back the 3rd place game like the World Cup has?

4:31 – What will Louisville’s next scandal be? Do you have to preemptively fire Bobby Petrino?

6:23 – Should you ever agree to play tennis with John Isner?

8:38 – Max tries to make us care about the MLB All-Star Game

11:32 – Eugene Robinson talking crazy

14:17 – Golf is changing their schedule. It will affect 1 of the 2 PGA events in NC

15:50 – Gordon Heyward is fired up about his third daughter

19:27 – We welcome in Buzz Beat Radio, Cheaters Never Win and Raleigh City Sports

31:26 – “The Podcasting Game” We ask one podcast partner questions and they try to guess what the other person would answer

36:17 – We bring the podcast partners back to see how their answers line up!

49:45 – Raleigh City Sports takes over the SC8 Ticker

52:08 – Buzz Beat Radio presents the NC Concert Report

54:56 – The JoCo Weather report from Section 328

1:07:25 – we play “Defend Your Sport”

1:19:50 – we announce the winners of the Battle of the Podcasts

1:26:55 – RIP Sam Esposito