This Week in Point Shaving: October 12th


If you have been watching enough college football you know what that means. Kickers are people too. They just tend to be people who will rip your heart out at the most inopportune times. For “This Week In Point Shaving” we head to Toledo, Ohio. Toledo dominated this entire game leaving zero doubt they would cover the 16.5 point spread vs Kent State. As always, there is still something in doubt … the dreaded over/under.

The total was 46 points. With 7:28 remaining in the game, Toledo, leading 38-7 (total sits at 45), gets the ball back in hopes of running some clock out. Fast forward three minutes later and Toledo finds themselves 1st and goal at the 10 yard line. This is that weird point in the game where Toledo can get away with trying to score without “running up the score” because there’s far too much time left to just take a knee. Three plays and a penalty later, Toledo is has a 4th and goal on the Kent State 19. NOW Toledo coaches can just sit on it, take a knee and move on. However for some “odd” reason, the Toledo coaches give “Over” bettors a time to rejoice when the field goal unit hits the field.

The way this column started, #CollegeKickers, you know what will happen next. With 30 seconds left, little known Jameson Vest trots on for the 36 yard field goal for the “over” win, but of course, he misses it. Final score is 38-7. Under bettors rejoice. Over bettors drink clorox.

Vest was 1 for 3 on the day after starting the season connecting on 80% of his field goals. Somebody got to Jameson.