When coaches/players tell you they don’t know the spread, we are all kind of “MEH”. They know. They know that we know they know. Hell sometimes they even favorite tweets about point spreads…

So you can’t tell me that the New York Jets coach, Todd Bowles didn’t know the Jets were getting 7.5 points in their game at the New England Patriots.

If you had the Jets +7.5, you were inside the number for practically the entire game. The Jets even led 20-16 with 12 minutes to go. The Jets went on to lose the lead, falling behind 23-20 with 7 minutes to go. They then decided it would be smart not to put anyone on Rob Gronkowski, allowing the easiest touchdown ever with 1:18 to go. Suddenly the Jets are down 30-20, looking at a loss and a disasterous failure at covering the spread.

Enter Coach Todd Bowles.

The Jets slowly work their way down the field, exhausting all timeouts in the process. Then with 18 seconds to go they line up for the field goal!!! A 55 yard field goal at that. Surely they will tell you that the only way to win the game was to make a quick field goal, get the onside kick, then get a hail mary. Of course Nick Folk comes through in the clutch, nailing the 55 yarder. The Jets pull to 30-23, but more importantly those Jets +7.5 backers are doing the happiest of all dances.

Coaches know. Trust us they know.