Tar Heels make “University of National Champs” ring true again


Who Won: UNC beat Gonzaga 71-65 to win the National Championship

Why: Tar Heels were able to navigate through a sloppy game marred by fouls and bad shooting. Ultimately UNC just had more better players.



What will people be talking about? Fouls. There were a lot of them. 

What should people be talking about? UNC “forcing” Gonzaga into 14 turnovers while the Tar Heels only had 4. Some of these looked to be careless by Gonzaga, maybe a sign of the trying to force too much against the best team they’ve played all year.

What’s next for these teams? Nothing. The season is over. We also hope Gonzaga never makes it back there. Go away. 

Quote: His last game as a UNC assistant brought him the main job of scouting of Gonzaga, CB McGrath had these words to say, 

“8 is Wild”: Go to SportsChannel8 on twitter to see all the pics from the UNC after-party. Also our guy Hayes Permar gave us “8 things to know about the UNC win”