Week 9 Giftastic ACC Football Power Rankings


UNC tried their best against Miami but fell short while Duke was pantsed by VT. Wake Forest won a shootout with Lamar Jackson and NC State was flat against Notre Dame. Here are the Week 9 Giftastic ACC Football Power Rankings!

1. Clemson
W vs Georgia Tech

I know it’s weird to see a team leapfrog two teams that won, but I don’t care. The Tigers are way better than VT or Miami could hope to be. Especially with a healthy Kelly Bryant.


2. Virginia Tech
W vs Duke

Really looked good against Duke. But unfortunately, this Duke team has gone off the rails a bit. No credit for you.


3. Miami
W vs UNC

You almost let Carolina trip you up. Lucky I don’t drop you three places.


4. NC State
L vs Notre Dame

Woof, how bad was that? Vaunted front 7 looked like dog shit against Notre Dame. Might get housed two weeks in a row playing that badly.


5. Boston College
W vs Florida State

Steve Addazio was right. It came together.


6. Georgia Tech
L vs Clemson

Don’t feel bad, Clemson is good. You’re not that good.


7. Wake Forest
W vs Louisville

Still not sure what to make of you guys, but you were successful. Sorta.


8. Syracuse

A lot to feel good about. Except you’re still in Syracuse.


9. Louisville
L vs Wake Forest

Lamar Jackson is very very good but the rest of your team is very very very bad. The average is bad.


10. Pitt
W vs Virginia

I cannot tell you how much I don’t care about your team.


11. Florida State
L vs Boston College

Holy crap what a shit show in Tallahassee


12. Virginia
L vs Pitt



13. Duke
L vs Virginia Tech


14. North Carolina
L vs Miami