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What Separates Cam Newton From Russell Wilson?

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The Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks are scheduled for what should be one of the better NFL games on Sunday at 4PM important coast time, and there is no doubt that all of the focus will be on each team’s dynamic quarterback. Both have strong arms, both can be dangerous on the move, and both were kicked off of a college team before moving on to finish their careers elsewhere. While most will point to Wilson’s Superbowl ring as the trump card in the comparison of the two signal-callers, SportsChannel8 has uncovered rumors pointing to one milestone that Cam has reached that Russell has not … Ciara.

Multiple internet sources point to a weekend fling between Cam Newton and the R&B superstar in 2011 in Atlanta when the Panthers were in town to take on the Falcons. Reports say fans mobbed the couple as they were hitting their One, Two Step in the local clubs, and while there was never any confirmation of a relationship between the two, it’s safe to assume that a little Love Sex Magic was involved.

Russell Wilson went public with his relationship with Ciara earlier this summer, but added “I said to her, and she completely agreed, can we love each other without [sex]?” which roughly translates to “She said we weren’t going to have sex and I said ‘cool’ because she’ll eventually change her mind and oh my God I’m in the friend zone aren’t I?” Although, to be fair, it wouldn’t be the first time that Russell Wilson passed on an obvious opportunity to score.

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When asked about her relationship with Wilson, Ciara said, “If you’re looking for the goodies keep on looking cause they stay in the jar.”