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Who Wore it better: October 2nd Edition

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We’re excited to present a new weekly feature by Richard Averitte, Sportschannel8’s Director of Marketing and Fashion Consultant.

The highlight at Wednesday’s Carolina Panther press conference might have been Cam Newton’s retort to referee Ed Hochuli.  While football fans are asking “What did Hochuli say?”, Cam’s wardrobe on Wednesday force the Sports Channel 8 team to ask “Who wore it better?”
It’s obvious Cam is through monkeying around with NFL refs and thus wore a hat similar to Monkees’ front man Mike Nesmith. We asked N&O Assistant Features Editor and blogger for Happiness Is A Warm TV, Brooke Cain, who took the last train to styleville.
“I like any dude secure enough to rock a toe-boggan with a pom-pom, so this is a tough call. Cam gets points for sheer height, but Mike Nesmith brings balance with the sideburns and swoopy bangs. Plus, this was Nesmith’s signature look, and his homemade-looking hat has more hipster appeal. Love you Cam, but hey hey, it’s a Monkee. I’m going with Nesmith.”
Cheer up, Cam. This may be your first fashion loss of the season, but there are still a lot of clothes to be worn.  Good luck this Pleasant Valley Sunday.