Wolfpack Beat Back Blue Devils


Who won?

NC State defeated 2nd-ranked Duke 96-85 at PNC Arena.


State made a big run in the first half and never trailed in the second.

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What Are People Talking About?

Kevin Keatts got his first ACC win and it was a big one. NC State had looked lost and shell-shocked at times in their first two conference games. Keatts talked about how much better State could be if they played together because they weren’t talented enough to play as individuals. That showed for State tonight.

For Duke, Marvin Bagley continues to be a beast. Bagley again found himself with 30+ points and double-digit rebounds and looked basically unstoppable inside. He was also tremendous at the free throw and appeared singlehandedly to be keeping Duke in the game. But where was Grayson Allen? Allen only had 8 points, 3 in the second half that only came once the game was decided. Allen has to be a factor moving forward.

What Should People be Talking About?

Omer Yurtseven had a hell of a game for NC State. He held his own against arguably the best player in the country in Marvin Bagley and finished one rebound shy of a double-double. There are still some finishing issues around the rim, but Yurt needs to be this player for State moving forward for them to have a successful season. Additionally, Al Freeman has caused the NC State fanbase to groan considerably at times this season. He was exactly what State needed him to be tonight. He was making the extra pass and getting to the free throw line. Some shots were still forced, but most were in the flow of the offense. The Pack will be much better going forward if that continues to happen.

Everyone is going to tell you Duke is in trouble. They’re not. Grayson had a bad game and they turned it over more times than usual. Sometimes you just have a bad game and that’s what this was moreso than any systemic issue. Duke’s defense has been an issue for the last several years and it showed again tonight. They’re capable of playing better defense and they will moving forward. Let’s just hope for their sake they start doing so before March gets here or there will be more games like this in the future.


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What’s Next?

Duke welcomes Pitt to Cameron on Wednesday night. Will we get another Kevin Stallings hot mic moment?

NC State tries to get payback on Clemson Thursday night in PNC Arena.

8 is Wild:

Another court rush against Duke. They’re pros at this thing by now.