2018’s #ACCValentines


I was never a huge Valentine’s Day fan. I didn’t dread it, despite being single for about 90% of them and underperforming in the other 10%. I was neither moved by Valentine’s Day, nor driven to rage by it.

But with the inception of #ACCValentines a few years ago, it has become one of my favorites. Our Ben Swain probably deserves most of the credit for keeping the tradition alive (I can’t say for sure who started, but we’ll claim he did that, too). And yesterday’s crop had no shortage of winners, including–and I can’t believe I’m saying this–the best idea coming from Josh Goodson.

We had a video commemorating the official for whom Valentine’s Day was named:

We even had contributions from ACC players (sort of):

It was another great year of showing the ACC some love. Here are the best of this year’s #ACCValentine’s from SportsChannel8: