ACC Restaurant Reviews via Yelp



News broke yesterday that the ACC and Raycom had added Bojangles’ to their official Corporate Champion Program, which, among other things, made Boberry biscuit icing the official tasty goo of the conference.

It also got us thinking–will this mean Bojangles’ at all conference venues? And how is the current conference fare?

After minutes of thinking we realized we had no idea because we eat free press box food (which could have its own set of reviews…and sanitation grades). We also had no interest in sampling the concourse offerings ourselves.

Fortunately we have Yelp to do that for us, and fortunately many of you have already chimed in to do the work. Check out some of the interesting finds from a few football and basketball spots around the ACC, and stay tuned to Sports Channel 8 for more ACC food reviews.

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