NC State

Adorable Dog Supports NC State and College Football Week in North Carolina


“When you’re hungry, you eat; when you’re a frog, you leap; if you’re
scared of Rick Bozich trolling your team, get a dog.”

It’s football season in North Carolina (if you hadn’t heard, everyone in the entire state is going to a college football game this weekend) and that means it’s time to pick sides.

It’s not like living in Nebraska or Kentucky where everyone just pulls for one school. In North Carolina “house divided” is more the rule than the exception (but those license plates and banners proclaiming a “house divided” are still lame, according to the most recent census). And though the ACC in-state rivalry games are a few weeks off yet, everyone still must have a side.

Even the dogs.

There was nothing obvious that declared Bella as an NC State fan when I encountered her. No Tradition Scarf. No Phillip Rivers jersey. No Dan Kane for Mayor buttons. But it soon became apparent where her loyalties lie.

It’s College Football Week In North Carolina, people (and dogs). Support your team.