Eagles use Robinson and KY to dominate Jackets

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Who won? Boston College defeated Georgia Tech, 87-77 in the opening game of the 2018 ACC Tournament

Why? Jerome Robinson and Ky Bowman are good and better than anyone Georgia Tech has.

GIF: Georgia Tech was essentially this for the majority of the game:


What people are talking about? SNOW. No seriously the Brooklyn area has a chance for snow overnight Tuesday and into Wednesday. Our staff meteorologist, the WxMoose breaks it down here

What should people be talking about? How BC is probably going to give NC State a tough game tomorrow. The Wolfpack are now focused on seeding in the tournament, but winning against BC (after beating them 82-66 in the regular season) won’t be an easy task. Bowman and Robinson are two guys who can take over a game and beat any team.

What’s next? Boston College advances to play NC State on Wednesday at 2:30 PM. Georgia Tech goes home. 

Quote:  Pretty much this.

“8 is wild”: We here.