The Duke-UNC Drinking Game


ICYMI, Duke faces UNC Thursday night in Chapel Hill. With neither team in the national top 5 nor the hunt for the ACC regular season title, the game may seem to casual observers to be a step back from the top tier events the games have often been. In order to step it back up, we thought we’d spice up the game with our own game that you can play at home. SportsChannel8 proudly presents, the Duke-UNC Drinking Game. Remember, for viewers who get the Raycom AND the ESPN broadcasts, you can get doubly hammered.

Take a drink if……

  • – you see a graphic of alumni in the NBA with labels “Carolina Family” and “Brotherhood”
  • – TV broadcast goes from a clip of Eric Montross shooting FTs while bleeding to a shot of Eric Montross on the sideline doing the radio braodcast
  • – any of these clips are shown: Tyler Hansbrough victimizing Gerald Henderson, Austin Rivers’ dagger, Jerry Stackhouse’s dunk, Jeff Capel’s runner from deep, teabagged Greg Paulus 
  • -Theo Pinson makes a great pass
  • -Theo Pinson takes a bad shot
  • -a State fan tweets about the Wolfpack having beat both teams (finish your drink if a State friend texts you this)
  • -Cameron Crazies make a funny joke about Joel Berry’s video game skills
  • -Cameron Crazies make a dumb joke about Joel Berry getting engaged
  • -announcers have a one-and-done vs. experience discussion that yields no new ideas
  • -Luke Maye is described as a “walk-on” or “former walk-on”
  • -Bagley or Carter dunk
  • -Bagley or Carter give up a wide open look trying to play pick-and-roll defense
  • -any mention of Tobacco Road, how many miles apart they are, or 15-501 (alternate: can smoke a cig for a Tobacco Road mention)
  • -a Virginia fan tweets about how Duke and UNC’s style of play are unwatchable
  • -Roy Williams defensive stance
  • -Mike Krzyzewski sarcastic smile and head shake
  • Ross Martin asks you “Who ya got?”
  • Jay Bilas criticizing a call (die of alcohol poisoning)
  • -Jay Bilas criticizing the length of a replay review
  • -producers show highlight of Jay Bilas failing at Duke vs. UNC and Bilas being self-deprecating about it
  • -announcers discuss how much they would be discussing Wendell Carter if they weren’t so busy discussing Marvin Bagley
  • -a UNC fan tweets from press row
  • -anyone, anywhere (on the internet, in person, at work today, on the broadcast) mentions that, HEY, this year DUKE has a lot of big men and UNC shoots a lot of 3-pointers! 
  • -Kentucky and Louisville fans tweet about how real rivalries are played at noon on weekdays
  • -an official brings both coaches together at mid-court to explain/solve a problem (bonus drink if it’s Mike Eades or Jamie Luckie or Ted Valentine)
  • -Rick Bozich tweets that he’s watching some other BETTER college basketball game tonight….then later sends tweets about the Duke-UNC game.
  • -Duke or UNC radio play-by-play guy says, “foul CALLED on ______” to suggest it was a bad foul call against his team.

Finish your drink if……

  • -the head coach of one team tries to fight an assistant from another team
  • -Zion Williamson reclassifies and starts the second half for Duke
  • -the NCAA punishes UNC

Consume all the alcohol in the house if….

  • -K or Roy retire after losing tonight
  • -Cameron PA blares “Jump Around” during UNC’s introductions
  • -Jeff Capel hits a halfcourt shot to send it into overtime