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Event: SportsChannel8 Panthers Pre-Party At Trophy!!!

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Will the Panthers win Super Bowl 50? Will they lose? Is it odd people are talking more about Cam’s race than Peyton being investigated for HGH use? How will we feel after the game based on the outcome?

These are questions we don’t have answers to.

What we do know: by Sunday afternoon, Panthers fans will be jacked up and looking for a way to kill the remaining hours before kick-off (that hopefully will stay in bounds).


What: Panthers Pre-game Party with the SportsChannel8 crew. We’ll have televisions with pre-game coverage on, and we’ll be staying at the bar to watch the game.

Where:  Trophy Brewing on Maywood in Raleigh (map here)

When: Super Bowl Sunday, 3pm-???? (We’ll be watching the game at the bar)

Who: I said, the SportsChannel8 crew, who else?! Some of the good folks from Trophy will be around as well so you can check out their huge new brewing facilities.

What else:  man, you’re demanding. There will be food trucks, contests for prizes (Garth Brooks tickets, ACC hoops tickets, Trophy gear), maybe even a free beer if you can prove to the SportsChannel8 crew you’re not a bandwagon fan of either a) the Panthers or b) SportsChannel8

Monday morning, hopefully, we’ll be fans of the SUPER BOWL CHAMPION Carolina Panthers. Monday afternoon/evening you’ll probably just want a beer to calm the nerves and the fellowship of other Panthers fans.

Please join us.