FSU Avoids Getting Dunked Out By FGCU: SC8 Recap


Who Won: Florida State 86, FGCU 80

Why: Florida State dunked on FGCU more times than FGCU dunked on FSU.

GIF that sums up the game: There were a lot of big dudes throwing down in this one.








What Will People Be Talking About: Dwayne Bacon’s 25 points despite going 0-3 from 3-pt range, reflective of FSU’s 86 points despite 2-for-13 3-pt shooting.

What Should People Be Talking About: How this FSU team has enough talent to win a National Title (these scorers?! these big men??!!) but won’t because, even though we love him, Leonard Hamilton is not going to win a national title. 

What’s Next For These Teams: FSU faces a Xavier squad that did not look like an 11-seed while thumping Maryland. Sadly, we won’t get Mike Francesa’s dream match-up of Maryland-FSU for the third time this year.

Quote: “I’m young, scrappy and hungry and I’m not throwing away my shot.” -Hamilton (yup, we’re still doing that)

  • 8 is Wild: You know I’ll never pass up the opportunity to use this: