Heels Spanked But Not Blanked in Atlanta


Who Won: Georgia Tech beat UNC 33-7

Why: UNC was leading after 3 quarters in all their previous games this season and lost3 time out of 4. So it was no surprise the Heels couldn’t overcome the 24-0 deficit headed into the 4th against Georgia Tech.

GIF: UNC’s season? It’s done. It’s only about developing guys for next year. And getting people healthy, good Lord…..

What people are talking about: Injuries. 

What should people be talking about: Fedora’s chair at UNC is room temperature at most. His job is in no danger. But the discussion of how good a coach he is–regardless of injuries–will be an interesting one after this season. At the very least, he seems to be a guy who needs a very strong, well paid defensive coordinator on staff, and maybe a few other key assistants. 

What’s next: UNC hosts Notre Dame next Saturday. It would not be a MAJOR upset for UNC to beat the Irish, but it would be an ENORMOUS win.



8 is wild: Even the Gameday crew know Georgia Tech’s blocks are dirty.