Welcome to North Carolina, where we sometimes freak out about snow but we will NOT let our football games be rained out by a hurricane. Despite Hurricane Matthew’s omnipresence in the state, North Carolina’s 4 ACC teams pressed on with scheduled games Saturday (Notre Dame-NC State, Virginia Tech-UNC, Army-Duke, Syrcause-Wake Forest)

As always, SportsChannel8 was here to help. The games are likely to be as gross as the weather, but at least that meant you could get paid if you followed our sage financial advice:

But, of course, die hard fans of NC sports weren’t going to be content with making a few bucks and watching the games from home–they had to be there to support their schools.

Hurricane Tailg8ers–we salute you!

So we put together a gallery from folks who sent us their #HurricaneTailg8 photos and other great images from the day Hurricane Matthew attended 4 major college football games in North Carolina.

Matthew wreaked havoc on, among other things, the secondary ticket market:

you’ve got to be re-thinking the decision to join the band:

UNC fans were able to turn the tables on the argument that parking decks aren’t conducive to tailgating:

a lot of #HurricaneTailg8 ended being #Cargating:

you’re gonna need to adjust for the wind:

Our friend Bill Finley making sure things are safe at Carter-Finley:

UNC fans already getting their mindset right for another nail biter:

and then there was this: