Miami Avoids Shutout, Loses To Clemson in ACC Championship


In honor of Miami phoning it in, SO ARE WE. Here are 8 tweets that properly sum up Miami’s first ever appearance in the ACC Football Championship Game, a 38-3 loss to Clemson (who remain ACC overlords)

The U was trying to be “back”–jumping up and down in front of Clemson as some players were running on the field before the game.

And nobody was feeling themselves more than Kevin’s older brother.

But when Miami had a chance to show that Turnover Chain swag…

And before you know it, Miami was down 14 in the first quarter.


Clemson was so dominant, everyone lost interest. Including the people paid to cover the game.

Actually, they were just watching people repair the field because the end zone fell apart at the Big 10 Championship. We had a solution.

The only real drama was finding out if Miami would score or not. They did, eventually.

But at the post-game meal, it became clear why Miami was never in this game.