The Procrastin8ors Charlotte Hornets Podcast 10: Kemba’s an All-Star or Else…

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Here’s the second half of this week’s podcast, which centers around the Charlotte Hornets, who at 13-9 are currently in third place in the Eastern Conference. We breakdown the All-Star performance of Kemba Walker, the NBA’s most efficient clutch scorer. The Hornets have won five of their last seven, but that was largely against inferior opponents on their home court; what should we expect as this team nears a five-game road swing? Brian and Brenden also give their League Pass Game of the Week picks.

We were lucky enough to be joined this week by Scott Rafferty, who covers the NBA for Rolling Stone, The Step Back, and the Sporting News. Make sure to follow him on Twitter (@crabdribbles), and check out his work at all of those great outlets.

And if you missed part one, which was posted early Friday morning, check it out here. Among the topics of conversation: LeBron’s passing, Golden State Warriors craziness, and the possibility of Russell Westbrook averaging a freaking triple-double.

Enjoy the games and your weekends, everyone.