A Sigh of Relief…and A Call For Thanks After The #RaleighFire


Raleigh was lit last night. Literally. In case you hadn’t heard–or were dialed in to the FSU and Virginia Tech NCAA games–an uninhabited apartment building under construction caught fire last night resulting in the worst blaze Raleigh has seen since the 1920s.

And the only reason we can joke about it a little is because there were no major injuries. Many will be inconvenienced, and undoubtedly there will be some cost in the clean-up and re-building but the prevailing sentiment seems to be that it could have been a lot worse.

For the best, up-to-date coverage on this event and all things Raleigh you should always turn to our friend William Needham Finley IV on twitter or his page ITBInsider.com. He covers the Raleigh beat like no one else.

But since #RaleighFire and NCAA Tournament games were all anyone was talking about in our neck of the woods, we figured before we sunk into the couch and became TOTALLY worthless this weekend we’d take a quick minute to send a word of thanks to all our firefighters and first responders: THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO AND FOR KEEPING US SAFE!

We asked our guy–Wake County Commissioner John Burns–if we could invite them all over to watch NCAA Tournament games and drink beer at the SC8 studios. He suggested maybe we’d be better served by making a donation to The 200 Club of Wake County, “an organization of concerned citizens dedicated to providing immediate financial help for the spouse and children of police officers, sheriff deputies, firemen, EMS squad members and North Carolina State Highway Patrol serving in Wake County who lose their life in the line of duty.” It supports families of all of our first responders.

The link to donate is easy to spot on the front page and donating with Paypal or a card is easy. We’re suggesting our fans make a donation for every NCAA tournament game they watch today. For example, we’re pledging $10 per game we watch, and we’re planning on watching all 16. So here’s a $160 thank you to all the folks who help keep us safe–last night was a reminder of the great work you do.