SportsChannel Ate: Can 3 Non-Chefs Successfully Cook Blue Apron?



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With UNC hoops, Carolina Hurricanes hockey and Hornets basketball all on the TV schedule for Tuesday night (NC’s teams took 2 out of 3–not bad) it was the perfect time to invite over some of the SportsChannel8 team and a few friends to try out our latest Blue Apron meals. IMG_20170131_191155

In sports media games (usually at night) and other various life events make regular dinner schedule difficult. Pulling together several people adds another layer. So when we had the opportunity to get a bunch of people together on the same night, we figured we’d cook a bunch of food–3 different Blue Apron meals at once.

IMG_20170131_195044Note: Do not cook three Blue Apron meals at once. Fortunately, the complications from trying to cook all three meals simultaneously (in a decently equipped but maybe not fully outfitted bachelor’s kitchen) was about the only downside to the experience. The positives were many, but here’s a brief list:

-most importantly, it tasted great and the portions were plenty.

-it was a more well-rounded meal than I’d ever cook for myself normally.

-I didn’t have to shop for it–hunting down the variety of ingredients in a grocery store is one of the reasons I don’t cook a lot.

-a sense of accomplishment at completing the recipe (and not failing miserably). This sounds cheesy but it’s true.

-my house smelled way better than it normally does–even the morning after. People walked in my house saying “Man, it smells good in here!” That never happens.IMG_20170131_202445

The three meals we cooked were the orange and mirin-glazed cod, the peanut chicken and the beef tacos. If we were rating them the chicken was probably the favorite, followed by the other two, but I suspect that might correlate with it being the dish prepared by the most culinarily capable SC8 crew member. But even the LEAST capable chef (me) was able to turn out some tacos that were eaten rather than politely discarded. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality/amount of meat in each of the dishes–I had feared it would be veggie-heavy.


We’ll see what #SportsChannelAte cooks up next time with Blue Apron. But for now–who’s going to do all these dishes?