SportsChannel8 Radio/Podcast Appearances During ACC Tourney Week


While you can follow all our ACC Tournament on SportsChannel8: The Website, The Tweets, The Instagram, The Facebook and The Snapchat, several members of our squad will be making appearances on radio shows, podcasts AND a Reddit College Basketball AMA this week. Check us out!

Ben Swain

-will be on WSJS Sports in the Triad with Kyle Schassburger Wednesday afternoon

-will be on 99.9 The Fan in the Triangle with Adam & Joe Thurs

-will be on WFNZ in Charlotte with Garcia and Bailey Friday morning

-We’ll be doing an AMA on /r/CollegeBasketball  Friday some time before the semifinals

Brian Geisinger

-will be on WPTF NewsRadio 680 with Patrick Johnson in the Triangle Wednesday morning at 8:40

-will be bringing the #LeaguePassLair to 99.9 The Fan with Adam & Joe in the Triangle Friday afternoon

Hayes Permar

-will be on WFNZ in Charlotte with Kroeger Wednesday afternoon at 2:15

-will be on WPTF NewsRadio 680 with Patrick Johnson Thursday morning at 8am

-appeared on the most recent episode of the Raleigh City Sports podcast to talk about the ACC Tournament