SportsChannel8: The Radio Show from 6/30; Free Agency & 4th of July

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The rundown:

00:45 – yes, we are working 4th of July week

1:00 – Weather Moose is already making Johnston County sound effects

2:40 – We’re at the Sweet 16 of the World Cup, for non-soccer

5:20 – Will Bron’s Plan include taking the mid-level exception to play in Charlotte?

5:45 – Will LeBron’s cliff-jumping have teams backing away for bad decision making?

7:15 – We tried to send Ben Swain to LeBron’s Decision Cave–what would be in your Decision Cave?

9:50 – If LeBron says no to the Hornets, who COULD they sign in free agency?

11:40 – Canes prospect camp has begun, and Brian is still concerned that 37 is not a “strong number”

12:30 – Which country is most embarrassing to see in the knockout stage since the U.S. didn’t even make it?

12:52 – Has Weather Moose been out of the country?

14:14 – Why is Drake hitting Rick Pitino with a diss track? And does Pitino have to clap back?

16:30 – This week’s Testing Our Maturity: OSU wins CWS, Hornets Summer League roster and Nick Kyrgios shaking a water bottle.

17:55 – How could MLB (or MLS?) better OWN the 4th of July?

20:13 – Rightly Rated: soft drinks, well-manicured lawns, middle fingers

26:07 – Bomani Jones, the co-host High Noon/9am Pacific on ESPN

27:36 – Jones talks about the first few weeks of High Noon

28:05 – Jones on the best and worst of living in New York

29:36 – Jones on live television

31:10 – Jones on World Cup

32:05 – Jones begins throwing subtle shade at Brooklyn hipsters

32:40 – Jones more openly roasting Brooklyn hipsters

33:20 – Jones on authentic weirdos vs. hipsters

34:40 – Jones and Brian chat the Kawhi Leonard situation

41:48 – bonus Rightly Rated: Fireworks

44:34 – Smith delivers SportsChannel8: The Ticker

 47:55 – Permar predicts: Garner is about to blow-up.

50:06 – Josh brings us the North Carolina Concert Report

53:23 – we talk Vegas numbers

58:00 – Hayes almost forgets the Weather Report

58:11 – The JoCo Weather Report

1:00:56 – Heat Lightning Awareness Month Tip and Fact

1:08:08 – In/Out/Trend to Watch: World Cup announcers, College Basketball dirt and NFL punishments

1:19:20 – Who is everyone’s favorite character from SportsChannel8: The Radio Show

1:20:05 – How ACC fans’ relationships with the athletes who play at their favorite schools parallel a high school relationship transitioning to college

1:26:21 – Summer reading suggestion: “Dabbin’ with Cam”