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Stat Boi’s Track of the Week #6 (Playoff Edition)

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“Yooo I loved that dude when he played Toby on The Office!”

(Pictured above: B.oB. — who will be performing at halftime of the Panthers game this week, Big Boi — who is the best person alive, and Future — who is the father of a child with Ciara, who is currently and happily dating Russell Wilson. I assume they’re all laughing about Macklemore. Also, there’s definitely dirty Sprite in that Vitamin Water cup.)

So…did anyone hear about a football game taking place down in Charlotte this weekend? Perhaps? Well…COME ON DOWN, SEAHAWKS.

Ever since Blair Walsh wanked that chip shot last Sunday, I’ve been brooding about the playoff draw of the Panthers: You win 15 games, lock up home field advantage, and your reward is this monster effing defense who has won seven of eight freaking games. Oh, and of course Skittles is back in the lineup, too. WHERE’S THE JUSTISE?

The last time these two teams met, I was out in Denver, visiting friends — most of whom hail from North Carolina and love their Panthers — and doing cool things. We sat at the bar, and lost our damn cookies after Greg Olsen hauled in the game winner. I just wanna get back to that feeling, man.

Now, for the first time in 120 hours, I feel tentatively confident in Sunday’s game; a lot of that is me just rationalizing how this match-up isn’t as disastrous for Carolina as all the prognosticators continue to harp on. My god, they won’t stop harping. Their harping is relentless. But the remainder of my recent morale surge came from listening to one of my favorite songs of 2010, which doubles as Stat Boi’s track of the week — “General Patton” by Big Boi. You want to get right before 1:05 p.m.? This jam is for you.

“The South got something to say.” See you guys on Sunday; lets do this thing. Go Panthers.