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Hayes Permar

What does Hayes like about sports? Walk offs, walkovers, walk ups, walk outs, walks, Ewoks, “Walk Like A Man” by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. He is from Wake County and dropped out of Davidson, UNC and NC State, jumps on whatever in-state bandwagon is currently tracking towards a championship and has a favorite team but pretends he doesn’t for journalistic purposes.

Skip Bayless thinks Sean Lee is better than Luke Kuechly


No, of course he doesn’t actually think that, this is just who he has become. No, I’m not proud of posting this because the only form of sports media lower than hot-take gasbaggery that is designed to move the needle through intentional stupidity triggering angry responses is aggregating hot-take gasbaggery that is designed to move… Read more »

Naming The Myrtle Beach Bowl Game


Last week, Brett McMurphy of Facebook revealed that the 2020 season would include three more bowl games. 3 more bowl games sounds like something to which the average sports fan would say, “Why do we need 3 more bowl games?” before watching at least half of all three of the new bowl games over Christmas… Read more »

Bojangles vs. Popeyes


N.C. State point guard Markell Johnson weighed in with his opinion on which spicy chicken reigns supreme.  Popeyes Way Better Then Bojangles — Markell Johnson (@kells_2017) February 15, 2018 But why voice such a controversial opinion at such a crucial time of year? We explore the timing and rationale behind Johnson’s pro-Popeyes movement. Whatever he’s… Read more »