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Stat Boi’s Track of the Week #7 (Conference Championship Edition)

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The Carolina Panthers started their season off with four straight wins before the Week 5 bye. They won two of those games by two scores, but it’s safe to say, the team had yet to hit their stride by early October. After each of those first four games, though, my good friend and I would jokingly text after the wins, and — dripping with irony — say this team was destined to go 19-0 and win the Super Bowl.

Most of this was said in jest, but about halfway through the season, it became apparent just how legit this team was; I started planning a trip to Vegas to challenge my luck, but then I quickly came back to my senses. Well, the undefeated season went out the window several weeks ago, but the latter goal — winning the freaking Super Bowl — still remains a possibility. I always thought Cam Newton would get this team to this juncture; I just didn’t think it would be this season. But…here we are.

Last week for this post, I kept it southern with a classic number from Big Boi; the Panthers are the NFC South champs, so we’re going to stick with the Third Coast, baby, the day before the title game, too.

Killer Mike, who is a god, is from Atlanta — as is College Park Cam — so he’s next on the docket. Right before he teamed up with El-P to form Run The Jewels, the two collaborated on Mike’s most recent and amazing solo album: R.A.P. Music. Stat Boi’s track of the week: “Southern Fried” by Killer Mike. Enjoy:

Once again, just like last week, take it away, 3 Stacks: “The South got something to say.” I’ll be in the joint Sunday night — I somehow lucked into a ticket last minute. See you guys there. Go Panthers.