Stat Boi's Track of the Week

Stat Boi’s Track of the Week



Sports are fun; I think we can all agree on that – unless you root for the New York Knicks. But music is pretty cool, too. So without further adieu, let’s get to Stat Boi’s Track of the Week: Thursday’s selection comes from the new Big Grams EP, “Put in on Her.” (Released 9/25)

Who is Big Grams, you may be asking? Well, it’s a somewhat new group formed by Big Boi – one half of the greatest rap group of all time, OutKast – and Phantogram (full disclosure: my musical taste essentially starts by worshipping at the alter that is the Kast – they are the best). And your buddy who went to Bonnaroo in 2012 definitely had TOO much fun at the Phantogram show – I promise.

Georgia Tech may be in the middle of a three-game losing slide (with a date against No. 6 Clemson on Saturday looming), but at least Atlanta will always have Sir Lucious Left Foot.

Aside from being absolutely banging, this track is especially cool, however, because it’s produced by 9th Wonder – a product of North Carolina, who resides in Durham, and is a friend of the Duke basketball program. The first listen of this track, I heard those familiar drums and knew – yep, this is a 9th track. You may know him from a variety of musical projects, but if you remember him from his days with NC super hip hop group Little Brother, hit me up; we should probably be friends.