The most annoying fanbase in pro sports gets what they deserve

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Nobody hates Russell Wilson, Seattle fans. Well, aside from maybe during a football game when the most ridiculous play ever happens and he’s on the positive end 99 times out of 100. That’s not why this is funny. This is funny because everyone hates you.

For a solid two weeks, ever since the Carolina Panthers bounced you from the playoffs with a historic 31 point first half explosion, you’ve taken to the internet to tweet through it, to post video blogs, or to pen letters to national sportswriters just to work through your feelings about your favorite team losing.


Look, truth be told, Panthers fans would probably be doing the same thing if the Seahawks had knocked Carolina out of the playoffs … again. But it’s the general tone of “right vs. wrong” and “classy vs. classless” that makes you the worst kind of fan in all of sports. All of your angst orbits one simple core belief that Russell Wilson is a better person than Cam Newton. Russell is genuine and humble, and Cam is flashy is self-serving. The punchline is that Cam’s flash and enjoyment of the game is far more likely to be genuine and come from a good place than the act that your quarterback puts on.

And yet none of you are in on the joke, which makes you the mark. So when stuff like this comes out, where your quarterback Googles how to tweet public compliments to his celebrity girlfriend, it’s hilarious. Not because it make Russell look silly. It just further confirms your role as the mark.