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Max Gongaware

One Last Time at Alumni Gym

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Well, that’s a wrap for Elon’s Alumni Gym. I just watched the final men’s basketball game that will ever be played in the facility; a facility where I spent many, many hours during my time as an Elon student from 2008-2012. This quaint little gym will hold a special spot in my heart forever. I… Read more »

Time To Give Debbie Her Due


Out in the West Texas town of El Paso, I fell in love with a Gibsonville girl When she arrived the athletics were floundering She turned the department into a pearl….. As NC State’s football team prepares to face (and, likely, beat) Arizona State in the Sun Bowl, it might be a good time to… Read more »

Light the Maye-norah

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It’s the third night of Hanukkah and I’m ready to put together some takes hotter than the oil I’m cooking my latkes in. You know who makes me think of Hanukkah? Luke Maye. And since there’s no way you could possibly be sick of Luke Maye content yet, here are 8 ways Luke Maye perfectly represents… Read more »

NC Sports: The House of Tudor

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Tuesday afternoon I attended the funeral service for Caulton Tudor. Tudor (or “Toot” or “Toots” or about half a dozen other nicknames I learned he answered to at the service) was a legendary sportswriter and life-of-the-press-box for decades in North Carolina and the Atlantic Coast Conference. His former colleagues at the News & Observer, Joe Giglio… Read more »

Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Need Consistency to to Ace Class

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If the NFL was a classroom, it would be filled with C students. Through seven weeks, there are no undefeated teams, and there is only one team (Philadelphia) that has lost just one time. But all C-students aren’t built the same. There are those that are consistently mediocre, and then those that tantalize the teacher… Read more »