The North Cack Stacks: Best NC Sports Media, September 13-20


Dwight Howard on the cover of SI – The Hornets biggest offseason acquisition gets profiled by Lee Jenkins as he tries to figure out how to make the most of his remaining basketball career. While the redemption piece seems premature–can we at least let him have a  good start to the season?–it does open your eyes, much like the current KD situation–to how child-like and sheltered many of today’s stars are when they come into the league.

 Did NC State launch Burt Reynolds’ acting career? – The News & Observer’s Chip Alexander tries to connect some dots to determine what role the Wolfpack played in Reynolds abandoning football. NCSU historian Tim Peeler goes even deeper into the story on his blog.

I want a nickname from Cam Newton – Jourdan Rodrigue of the Charlotte O gives us a list of Cam’s nicknames for teammates. Personal favorites: “Frazier” (as in Joe Frazier) for Julius Peppers, and “The Caucasian Killers” for the combo of Greg Olsen and Christian McCaffrey.

Wait….the SEC Network is in NC but the ACC Network is gonna be in Connecticut? – The announcement that the ACC Network will be headquartered in Bristol was met with some raised eyebrows around these parts. Luke DeCock aptly explains why.

THE CANES ARE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS!!! – At least that is what I am led to believe by reading this list of big, bad and bold predictions from the Section 328 crew.

Are the Hornets going to the playoffs? – The Buzz Beat Radio guys discuss what the new additions to the team mean for the Hornets, plus how injuries to some of those same guys will affect the season’s start. 

Tweet of the Week: Bertie County’s Kent Bazemore is one of our favorites in the NBA, and not just because he plays in Atlanta while remains a loyal Panthers fan. How can you not like a guy who a) throws a charity UNO Tournament and b) hoists the winner up Lion King style?