Like all good news outlets, SportsChannel 8 knows that giving back to the community is important. When you make an inevitable public misstep, the goodwill generated from charity work helps offset the PR hit. It keeps up appearances that you and your employees are in this for more than the glory and free seats to events. And, of course, the tax benefits help nudge us towards doing something good with our money. You know how most college football bowl games have a charity component? The same principles apply there.

The Me Fine Foundation is an organization we can get down with because after handing over some cash, all we have to do to technically support their cause (apparently it’s a really good one, something about sick kids) is show up to a party in downtown Raleigh. But since the party is on a Saturday, the SportsChannel 8 crew will all be occupied covering games, cutting tape, and grinding on in order to bring you the best sports coverage in North Carolina.

That’s where you come in. We need one person who will represent SportsChannel 8 at the Me Fine Gala Saturday night at the City Club in downtown Raleigh. We supply the ticket, you do the partying.

A few details:


You’re repping the Ocho out there. Get back on the dance floor.

-you will be representing SportsChannel 8, and need to identify yourself as such when making introductions.

-our spot is open to all ages/genders, but since you’re appearing on behalf of SC8 you will be expected to imbibe heavily (but safely), dance often, and, hopefully, arrive without a date but leave with one.

-you won’t be required to write anything documenting the experience, as that might inhibit your behaviour.

For a chance to be selected, tweet at us @SportsChannel8 and use the hashtag #MeFineGala somewhere in your tweet. Tell us why you should represent SC8.

For more information on the Me Fine Foundation or the gala, visit