Who Wore It Better Bye Week-Mad Cam

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It was a bye week for the Carolina Panthers and while the sports media spent the week questioning the team’s strength of schedule, we at Sports Channel 8 had other questions. Such as “Is quarterback Cam Newton a fashion copycat?” The bye week gave us time to revisit week 1 and thus fuel our theory: Cam’s attire was startlingly similar to Mad Men character Don Draper, sans the cocktail and cigarette.


So who wore it better? We reached out to Susan Vavrick, a senior editor of digital news at NPR, and asked her opinion.

“Cam wins hands down. It’s a relaxed look that suits him. The buttoned-up shirt and tie are more formal and look out of place with a casual plaid. I didn’t like the tie-and-plaid-jacket combination in its heyday and time has done nothing to change my mind. It’s a dorky look! Also I think Cam’s jacket fits better.”

Even in a bye week Cam’s a winner! That brings Cam’s off the field season record to 3-1 with a trip to Seattle this week against another Dapper Don, Russell Wilson. Stay tuned!

-Richard Averitte