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Who wore it…err… dabbed it better?

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It’s been a few weeks since I posted a “Who Wore It Better?” column. It’s hard to throw shade Cam’s Newton’s way these days. Just like his play on the field, Cam has seemed to have developed his own sense of style, thus leaving this report nothing  to goof on the last few weeks.


Then came a trip to Tennessee.

Much to the chagrin of some Tennessee Titans players and a few fans, Cam did the dab dance after a late touchdown in Sunday afternoon’s contest. Some words were exchanged. We imagine the Titans players politley asked Cam to stop, while Cam invited them to join in on the dance of the dab.

Cam 2

While the talking heads are trying to figure out what was said between the players, the Sports Channel 8 team has a more pressing question-was Cam’s celebratory dance an original?  We noticed that Cam ‘s dance moves were eerily similar to another famous, or infamous, set of dance moves.


So who dabbed it better? Cam or Elaine from Seinfeld in the legendary “The Little Kicks” episode where she horrifies a her colleagues at a company party with her dancing. We got with Charlotte writer and creator of the blog  Arden McLaughlin  and asked her the question.

“Obviously, Cam. He’s got hops, cheers, and looks. Elaine, as classically trained as her moves are, cannot keep up with Superman. The only man Elaine can possibly dab over is Peterman.”

Cam wins again! Stay tuned next week and see who Cam can out dress or out dance.

-Richard Averitte