ACC Tournament Coverage Kicks off with #TrophyTrain

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So we had a great idea about drinking beer and Periscoping our thoughts on the ACC Tournament and NC sports in general as we rode the train from the Triangle up to DC, but without ever seeing the inside of a train outside of the movies, our plan is going to kind of fall through. This train car is more like a bus, and it’s crowded, and I’m not even sure how we’re going to drink our beers on here. So instead, we’re doing a live blog from the #TrophyTrain, and will enjoy our delicious beer when we arrive to the house. But we encourage you to go take advantage of the free wifi at any Trophy Brewing location and read our live blog. 

1:06 PM

Into the third and final growler, and it’s time to break out my bold prediction for the 2016 ACC Tournament while Josh plays Future on his laptop in the dining car. I don’t ever want to see this record fall, ever, but I honestly think Grayson Allen is going to top Randolph Childress’ 107 points from the 1995 ACC Tournament. Childress’ record is one of the fondest memories from my childhood, and he’s one of my favorite players ever in the history of college basketball. But when Duke lost to UNC, setting up a potential run of NC State/Wake, Notre Dame, and probably UNC (should Duke finally be able to beat the Irish), Grayson Allen gets to play against three teams he’s torched for a lot of points this year, whether they advance to the finals or not.

First, Childress’ record is absolutely insane. 107 points over three games. To put in perspective, Allen averaged an incredible 25.2 points per game against UNC, NC State, and Notre Dame this year, which is nearly 10 points per game less than what Childress did in the 1995 tournament. TEN POINTS PER GAME! It’s going to take a remarkable effort for Allen to reach that mark, but Duke has a chance of making it to Friday, and if they do, it will likely mean that Allen has back-to-back-to-back games with a crazy point total. It’s not likely, but that’s what bold predictions are all about. Me? I hope it doesn’t happen. I forever want Childress telling Phelps to get up to be THE highlight of the ACC tournament.

11:20 AM

One beer in with Josh drinking a Trophy Wife and me drinking a Lord Stanley. Quick thought … it’s both okay to celebrate a regular season ACC championship, while also admitting that schedule imbalance plays a big factor in who wins the regular season ACC championship. For example, North Carolina had an easier path to the title than any other contender, but also clinched the title because they didn’t lose to teams like Florida State, Virginia Tech, or Georgia Tech. It’s okay to point out that UNC got to play teams like Boston College and NC State twice while also pointing out that the Heels didn’t have a bad loss in the league. In the age of advanced metrics, sometimes it’s better to just respect old school stats like wins and losses. Y’all stop arguing.

10:30 AM

Picked up Josh in Raleigh. Also picked up Rams Club representative Brian Bersticker, who owns one of the most memorable dunks in ACC Tournament history versus NC State in 1998. Bersticker got free for a garbage time dunk against the Wolfpack, dunked it with two hands, then hung on the rim with one arm while holding his dick with the other. It was classic. So classic he’s riding business class while we’re in coach, but he’s still on a train instead of flying up with the rest of the Rams Club folks. Wonder where UNC’s athletic money is being spent these days?

10:11 AM

Just made it from Durham to Cary, and we’re about to pick up Josh at the Raleigh station. I would say that this train experience is not at all what I expected (and in a bad way), although there was an actual hobo at the station with a bag on a stick and everything. But this wasn’t your ordinary hobo as he was also wearing Beats.


Train songs our followers have come up with so far:

Midnight Train to Georgia

Morning Train

Tell the Ones I Love

The Carolinian

Last Train to Clarksville

Come on Ride That Train

Crazy Train

Night Train

Here’s hoping one of them makes it as the Raycom ACC theme for this year.