ACC Tournament: Maverick Rowan, Boston College Steal Headlines on Opening Day

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NC State tops Wake Forest

Maverick Rowan and Bryant Crawford put on a show down the stretch, but NC State was just took much for Wake Forest overcome as the Wolfpack advance to face Duke on Wednesday at 2:30 PM. Rowan, who has struggled to hit shots (kind of a bad thing for a shooter), was 6-13 from 3 point range, but went through a hot streak of threes and unexpected drives to the basket in the last five minutes to keep the Deacs at arm’s length.

The loss ends the careers of Codi Miller-Mcintyre and Devin Thomas, who went for 14 and 12, respectively.

 Boston College Finishes Perfect Season

Eli Carter threw in 21 points, but had absolutely zero help around him as the Eagles finished their perfect year, going 0-8 in football, 0-18 in the basketball regular season, and 0-1 in the ACC Tournament. A Boston College student also lost a Bojangles’ on-court promotion, and another BC fan got destroyed on a cheap shot by FSU mascot Cimarron during the halftime promotion bubble soccer match. A tough day all around.



Verizon Center Tries to Fill Big Shoes

No one, and I mean NO ONE does the ACC Tournament like Greensboro. That’s not a knock on DC or the Verizon Center in any way, but the entire city of Greensboro embraces the tournament, and it’s the premier event at the Coliseum, so naturally the venue puts their best foot forward. The Verizon Center is a beautiful building, the court looks amazing, and the setting is great. But the first impression? Bruh …

To give Verizon Center some credit, they TRIED to trick us into thinking we were still in Greensboro by serving pulled pork at the media buffet, but it’s just not the same. The day was also not without corporate drama as the water bottles being served in the press areas were not allowed courtside, and all drinks were required to be in clear plastic cups, ginger ale or otherwise. The ACC is sponsored by Coke, and the Dasani bottles available in the concourse coolers conflicted with the Pepsi-sponsored Verizon Center’s signage policies. Just an odd footnote to the day, but certainly understandable.

BIG shout out to the Verizon Center promotions staff who allowed us to play around with the human bubbles during halftime of the State/Wake game, though.


And look, we’ll admit that maybe we didn’t get off on the right foot either, DC.

Happy 8iversary

SportsChannel8 first hit the airwaves at the 2014 ACC Tournament in Greensboro, so “Opening Day” always has a special meaning for us. How did last night’s SC8 birthday dinner go? Well, Hayes ended up singing show tunes, so I’d say it went pretty damn well.