ACC Tournament #Scalptology Update

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On February 20, we gave you a #Scalptology Primer for the upcoming ACC Tournament in Washington D.C. With one game remaining for all but Wake Forest, we break down what scalpers would most likely want to see going into DC on Tuesday.

We at SportsChannel8 have broken down in order of importance of what a best case scenario would be:

  1. UNC beats Duke. This would put the Heels as the #1 seed and Duke as a 5 seed* (Read Below).
  2. Notre Dame beats NC State. Combined with the above result, the Irish would get the 4 seed.
  3. Having a marquee name, Duke now playing on Wednesday afternoon would give scalpers an added bonus. Would also set the table for a “Sexy” (cc: Ben Swain) Duke/ND matchup on Thursday and HOPEFULLY a Duke/UNC matchup on Friday.
  4. The above results will also lock UVA into the 2 or 3 seed which would be GREAT for scalpers. Separating Duke/UNC and UVA would insure BOTH sessions on Thursday and hopefully Friday would have marquee names with big fanbases to buy all the tickets.
  5. A bonus would be somehow Virginia Tech slotting into a 6/7 seed area opposite a 2/3 seed Virginia for a rivalry quarterfinal. Check out Patrick Stevens scenarios for this as we aren’t smart enough to even try to tackle this.

There is still a TON which still could happen before next Tuesday in DC. Once the bracket is finalized we will break it down as to what scalpers will most likely want to happen.

*Spoiler Alert* Getting Duke and UNC to play each other on Friday with the winner playing UVA for the title would make a lot of people rich.