ACC Tournament: What Does Luke Kennard have to do to be hated too?

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Day two of the ACC tournament started with an absolute bang as Pitt held off a Syracuse comeback to advance to play the Tar Heels tomorrow at noon, and NC State and Duke torched the nets for a 92-89 barnburner in the day’s 2nd game. Clemson and Georgia Tech are playing now, but let’s get back to the real story of the day … what in the hell does Luke Kennard have to do to be hated too?

Grayson Allen stole the show today (again) with a Flagrant I with under four minutes to play that nearly sparked an NC State comeback, and of course the internet handled that well.   *Twitter searches “Grayson Allen*   *laptop immediately bursts into flames*

But seriously, let’s not forget about Luke Kennard. Why is this kid getting a pass?

Reason #1 – He’s white. Come on, this is obvious. He does have a bit of a tan, but he’s DEFINITELY white.

Reason #2 – He’s a total punk. Did you see what he did to Shaun Kirk? Far more disrespectful than anything Allen has done this year. All Kirk was trying to do was play defense and it’s like Kennard didn’t even notice him on the way to the rim. What’s more rude than completely ignoring someone?

Look, Allen is still going to be AT WORST Duke’s 2nd scoring option behind Brandon Ingram, but I’m just saying … keep an eye on Kennard. Oh, by the way, he dropped 30 on Notre Dame the last time they played and almost ended Irish guard Rex Pflueger’s career with this, dare I say, dirty play.


What’s a guy gotta do to get reprimanded around here?


It suuuuuucked that NC State had to lose that game. Four players in double figures. One more with 8. 89 points on 65 shots. Just a fun, fun performance from a losing team in a tournament where we’ll surely see winning teams struggle to break 65. It also could be the last time we see superstar guard Cat Barber on an ACC court if he decides that he’s ready to go score a ton of points in the NBA. Cat had 29 points to go with the 22 he scored yesterday, which may earn him a spot on an All-Tournament team with only two games to do it.

NC State continued the trend of playing well against Duke while losing.

One more note from today …

Marshall Plumlee is an absolute hero.