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Mark Wood

One Game at a Time

The Baseball Podcast

We have a series! In this Fall Classic episode, Daron and Max highlight some players from NC who are killing it in the WS, and Mark defends bunting as a viable offensive option basically the entire show. Yikes. But we’re through 5 games, so keep an eye out for another episode following the crowning of… Read more »


The Baseball Podcast

We revisit the Championship Series, preview the World Series, and predict who will hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy. Maybe America’s Team of Destiny (and fun)? Stick around to the end for our players to watch with ties to North Carolina, loose as they may be. But guys, we have a World Series–we made it. Go baseball!

3-0 Count

The Baseball Podcast

This episode got away from us a bit and now we’re behind in the count. But if you enjoy random callbacks to childhood movies, live googling/YouTube during recording, and occasional baseball analysis sprinkled in, this episode of The Baseball Podcast is for you. We recap the Division Series, as well as preview the Championship Series… Read more »

Episode Two – Seemingly Unexpected

The Baseball Podcast

Wow, they keep letting us do these. In this week’s episode, the we cover the Wild Card Series that definitely didn’t go the way we pictured it, what to expect from the Divisional Series, and the movie Blank Check for some reason. Also, stay tuned to hear our players to watch in the AL/NLDS with… Read more »

SportsChannel8: The Baseball Podcast

Podcast, The Baseball Podcast

Episode 1: Leadoff Welcome to SportsChannel8: The Baseball Podcast! In the leadoff episode, the crew (Max Gongaware, Daron Vaught and Mark Wood) gives some brief introductions and discusses the newly finalized MLB playoff picture. And in true SC8 form, we’ll give you a reason to cheer for a few athletes with connections to North Carolina… Read more »