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Brenden Whitted

Brenden Whitted graduated from Howard University before earning his JD and Sports Certificate from Tulane University. He has served as a sports web editor as well as a co-host on a daily sports radio show. He is a proud member of the League Pass Lair and co-host of the Panthers Blitz podcast (available on itunes and www.wralsportsfan.com). #GoPanthers #GoHornets #GoHeels

Skip Bayless thinks Sean Lee is better than Luke Kuechly


No, of course he doesn’t actually think that, this is just who he has become. No, I’m not proud of posting this because the only form of sports media lower than hot-take gasbaggery that is designed to move the needle through intentional stupidity triggering angry responses is aggregating hot-take gasbaggery that is designed to move… Read more »

Will David Tepper Bring His Big Brass Balls To Charlotte?


This is David Tepper: He is about to enter the 32-member NFL Owners Club, one of the most elite, wealthy, powerful clubs in America. More specifically, he’s about to become the owner of the Carolina Panthers, which means you’re about to see headlines like: How Much Did David Tepper Pay For The Panthers? and 5 Things… Read more »

Carolina Panthers continue descent into madness


  Who won? The New Orleans Saints, easily, 34-13. Why? The Carolina Panthers aren’t a very good football team; Cam GIF What people are talking about? One of the dumbest decisions you will see all season in an NFL: Ron Rivera electing to punt from the 35-yard line in New Orleans territory with the Panthers… Read more »