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Hayes Permar

What does Hayes like about sports? Walk offs, walkovers, walk ups, walk outs, walks, Ewoks, “Walk Like A Man” by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. He is from Wake County and dropped out of Davidson, UNC and NC State, jumps on whatever in-state bandwagon is currently tracking towards a championship and has a favorite team but pretends he doesn’t for journalistic purposes.

Media Musings: Carolina Hurricanes GOOOOOAAAALS will be different this year. But it’s still the same Minter.


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written by R.L. Bynum It will be an odd season for a Canes fan favorite — PA announcer Wade Minter That familiar mellifluous voice with a distinctive flair will reverberate through PNC Arena and again punctuate the best moments of Carolina Hurricanes home games this season. But, for now, there will be no fans to… Read more »

Carolina Hurricanes gone till November

The Carolina Hurricanes calendar typically looks something like this: Media day the first week of September. Training camp starts the week after. Opening night in early October. And while in many ways the NHL was able to be the same ol’ NHL in nothing-is-the-same 2020, the schedule isn’t one of those ways. The new calendar:… Read more »

Hurricanes: The Dread & Excitement of Next Year

Our Carolina Hurricanes are on the brink of elimination thanks to Tuukka Rask and only Tuukka Rask (we refuse to acknowledge any other Boston contribution because, frankly, there aren’t any other noteworthy contributions worth acknowledging). While there’s plenty to discuss about the series, such as the lingering issues on special teams, the disappearance of the… Read more »

Media Musings: Alexander Provides Southern Hospitality For Hurricanes Opposing Broadcasts


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By R.L. Bynum Visiting NHL radio crews depend on local engineers New York fans listening to Islanders radio broadcasts of this week’s two playoff games in Raleigh will probably have no idea that a North Carolina resident is responsible for the professional sound quality they are hearing. Because an engineer isn’t part of the travel… Read more »

Carolina Hurricanes: This One’s For Us

Back in my early 20’s, before North Carolina ever had dreams of hosting a hockey franchise, a co-worker tried to convince me that hockey was the best sport on the planet. His sales pitch: hockey has the physicality of football, the speed and continuous, free-flowing action of basketball, and the “every goal is life or… Read more »