Eagles Crash and Burn in Raleigh


Who won?

NC State, 82-66


3-point shooting. State was good. BC was putrid.


What People Are Talking About?

NC State overcame a terrible start to the ballgame. The Wolfpack turned it over on 4 of their first 5 possessions and couldn’t throw a shot in the ocean. After starting 0-8, NC State made 17 of their next 19 shots to go into halftime up 44-28. If Boston College could’ve been slightly more competent on offense, there might’ve been a competitive game. But they weren’t and the result was never really in doubt.

What People Should Be Talking About?

How weak is NC State on the defense boards? Boston College finished the game with 20 offensive rebounds. The Wolfpack were flat outhustled at times and that led to 18 second-chance points for Jim Christian’s crew. State has to get better on the defensive boards than they’ve been recently. You can’t count on shooting 52% from beyond the arc to bail you out on most nights.


NC State, in all likelihood, is one win away from securing an NCAA tournament berth. Hell of a job by this coaching staff to get to this point.

What’s Next?

NC State takes on Florida State this Sunday at PNC Arena.

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